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Ura Basket (Ura) is a basketball club in the city of Kaarina, in the South-Western part of Finland. Ura was founded in 1958 with groups for multiple different sports, but the basketball operations were separated into an independent club Ura Basket in 2005. It is the biggest basketball club in the area situated next to Turku, the biggest city in the area, and the former Finnish capital.

The club is run professionally with four people at the office, and with a coaching staff of over 50 coaches, all adults and all of whom have attended the national basketball association training courses. We have multiple coaches that have the highest level certification from Finnish Basketball Federation.

Ura was one of the first Finnish basketball clubs that was awarded a quality certificate for our club management and coaching concept. During the last 15 years multiple Ura Basket players have reached the men’s national team, and several have played abroad as professionals in Europe, and in the Finnish national league.

Ura has 365 registered players in 2021-2022, of which 115 are female and 250 are male. We have groups starting from five-year-old children that train basketball once a week, all the way to U19 youth teams that compete at the national level. On top of that the club has several adult teams focusing on regional leagues as well as recreational basketball without registration to the competitive leagues. The men’s 1st team played for three seasons in the top national league Korisliiga. Currently it plays on the 3rd highest national level in Finland. We organize our practices and matches in various sports halls and gymnasiums in the Kaarina area.

Ura Basket has for many years had good cooperation with Club Joventut Badalona in Spain, having Spanish coaches on Ura summer camps, but also Ura coaches doing study visits to Badalona in order to update and refresh the training concept for juniors.

Please contact our personnel if you are interested about Ura Basket! You can find their contact information below.

At the moment Ura Basket is very much looking for European partners to join in international development projects, to cooperate, to exchange ideas, best practices and for concrete cooperation. Ura Basket also has the experience of applying for and managing European projects, like Erasmus+ Sport.

Contact information

Timo Virkkula, Executive Manager
phone: +35844 240 3376

Arttu Mannelin, Head Coach
phone: +35840 866 9736, arttu@urabasket.fi

Jukka Lindberg, Youth Basketball Head Coach
phone: +35844 519 4694, jukka.lindberg@urabasket.fi

Pasi Toivonen, Youth Sports Instructor
phone: +358500 840901, pasi@urabasket.fi

Tuukka Kavisto, Chairman of the Board
phone: +35840 721 4104, tuukka.kavisto(a)gmail.com

Ura Basket office is located in Littoinen, Kaarina.

Tallakatu 2, 20660 Kaarina (Google Maps).

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